The Lodge

Cultus Lake Resort was established in 1954 and operates under special use permit from the Deschutes National Forest. The resort has historically been family owned and operated throughout many generations. Currently, Devan and Kate Dunn own and operate the resort.

The Lake

Cultus Lake lies at the base of the Cultus Mountain.  The lake itself is natural and is 211 feet (64 m) at its deepest point and about two miles long.  Cultus Lake is a popular lake in a beautiful setting and is well known for producing trophy size Lake Trout (Mackinaw).  Many lake trout in the 10 lb. range are taken each season.  A 17.5 lb. lake trout was weighed in at Cultus Lake Resort in 1996.  In addition stocked rainbow including larger holdovers and an occasional brook trout are caught near the mouth of Winopee Creek.

The lake also has a creek running into it inhabited by young fish and minnows, a popular fly fishing spot.  The lake has a twin lake called Little Cultus Lake and the lakes are divided by Cultus Mountain.  The area around Cultus Lake is known for its old growth large Ponderosa Pine, Douglas-fir and western White Pine, sometimes rising to 120 feet (37 m) tall.