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Cultus Lake Resort is your perfect home base for many outdoor activities in the area. Whether you like hiking the glorious wilderness trails, peaceful fly fishing at a nearby river or taking your kayaks out to explore the Deschutes National Forest region with a friend, Cultus Lake Resort is happy to be your home base to relax. Here are just a few ideas for outdoor activities:


With thousands of hiking trails to surprise spots with waterfalls, sparkling mountain lakes, wildflower fields, and magnificent views, hiking is one of the ways to really get out, up close and personal with nature and gorgeous Central Oregon surroundings. There are many beautiful hiking and backpacking trails around Cultus Lake. Some of the more popular area trails are:

  • "Winopee Lake Trail" is a very long backpacking and hiking trail with an average amount of climbing distance which makes it a tremendous backpacking trail for experienced backcountry walkers in perfect shape. Winopee Lake Trail is brilliant enough to spend more than a day at. (MORE INFO)
  • "Three Sisters Wilderness Trails": There are approximately 260 miles of trail within the wilderness. The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail traverses the wilderness for 40 miles. Most trails entering the wilderness begin in dense forests of Douglas-fir on the western slopes of the Cascades and ponderosa pine on the eastern slopes. (MORE INFO)



There are countless trails around Cultus Lake to mountain bike ride. When you arrive at the resort, just ask one of our friendly staff for their personal recommendation. For an extremely fun experience, we recommend taking "The Paulina Plunge" mountain bike tour. Gravity will be your friend, as you descend deep into the Oregon backcountry. During the length of the trip, you will descend over 2,500 vertical feet on your mountain bike. That translates into four 1-1/2 mile biking segments to each waterfall stop. While coasting down the smooth dirt forest trail, you will be close to the shimmering waterfalls of the stream. After your fun filled day is completed, come back to Cultus Lake Resort and come get dinner at our resturant! (PAULINA PLUNGE WEBSITE)



There are many trails around the Cultus Lake Resort area to take your 4X4's through the Deschutes Forest for all day fun. Don't own a 4x4? "Central Oregon Adventures" offers multi-hour ATV (all-terrain vehicle) rides very close to the Cultus Lake Resort. "Edison Expedition" is an exhilarating ride that will take you through old growth ponderosa forests and over lava flows from Mt. Bachelor.  Explore the scenic area and take photos of the Cascade Mountain Range.  (MORE INFO)



The Cascade Lakes Highway—Oregon State Highway 46—is surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests that have delighted motorists, bicyclists and hikers for over fifty years. Formerly known as Century Drive, the route offers a fun and interesting day-long excursion during your summer and fall.

Begin in Bend, Sunriver or LaPine and strike out on a breathtaking 87-mile loop that leads past Mt. Bachelor and the alpine lakes of Central Oregon, with spectacular panoramas and inviting stops along the way. Designated a National Scenic Byway by the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, the drive is open all summer.

Some of the lakes that you will encounter include Todd Lake, Sparks Lake, Cultus Lake, and Crane Prairie Reservoir. As you can imagine, this is an angler's paradise. All fishing types can spend hours at the banks of these lakes, fishing for Atlantic salmon and other freshwater fish. Waterfowl and many species of plants thrive here as well. (MORE INFO)



When you are tired of walking around on your own two feet, give four a try! Sunriver has horse stables with a fleet of well-bodied and sure-footed companions near the marina area. Horseback riding is available year-round from Sunriver Stables. (MORE INFO)

The Inn of Seventh Mountain offers offering guided trips for all levels of riding ability (MORE INFO)



In summer, the Pine Marten chairlift gives riders a chance to unwind -- and take in an entirely new view of a Mount Bachelor landscape that holds more rock than snow. When you get to the top you can stop at the Pine Marten Lodge for food and then possibly mountain bike down Mt. Bachelor. (MORE INFO)



Please feel free to give us a call at (541) 389-3230 or send us an email to get additional information on nearby outdoor attractions in the area. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL





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